Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thing 2 turns 3


I really cannot believe that my baby is 3. The time has gone so fast! Today he woke up and said "Hey, I'm 3 now!" We have been telling him all week that 3-year-olds use the potty and don't wear diapers anymore, so we'll see how that goes.

When I think back to three years ago, I am reminded of the rough entry H had into this world. I had complications with my c-section, H was a miserable colic-y baby, and his older sister who was three at the time was not too thrilled about his arrival and made life somewhat miserable at our house for a brief time. It's amazing how the good times outweigh and overshadow the bad. It didn't take long for G to learn to love her little brother, and now it's impossible to imagine life without him. His smile is contagious, and he is perpetually happy. He's a total boy - loud and crazy. My husband jokes that H only has two volumes - loud and louder.

So hugs to you H, and a big fat Happy Birthday!!

P.S. Don't forget the deal about 3-year-olds and the potty!

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Lauren Casaccio said...

This picture is great! I was sad to miss the party. Geoff was so sick, and I am sick...still for about 3 weeks now! Oye! Off to the doctor!