Friday, August 29, 2008

Nine Days Old

Remember these guys? Well now they have a new 9 pound addition to the family. He is nine days old today, and boy is he a cutie!
(Two newborns in one week? I am one lucky photographer!)


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handmade hat from Charbridge Knits.



And I really couldn't resisting posting this one here because the baby is actually SMILING!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One more from Monday's session

I just love this family shot and had to post it. This family has a teenage daughter who was not available on Monday, so this is not really a complete family portrait. I will shoot another portrait for you guys when everyone is available!

Family, take 2

Monday, August 25, 2008

Eleven Days Old

Wow! This little precious girl is just 11 days old. I get very excited when I have the opportunity to work with a baby this young. I have two kids of my own, so I know that a tremendous effort is involved to get to photo appointment before your baby is even two weeks old. Thanks, M & W for making that effort. I am thrilled with the images and hope you are too.


handmade cocoon by Charbridge Knits

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holiday Card Special

I can hear the sarcasm now --- Holiday Card Special??? It's only August! Believe it or not, it's not too early to think about this. I have had several inquiries recently about sessions for holiday cards. This year I have decided to run a special “Holiday Card Day” on October 13th, Columbus Day (so most of the kids should be off from school.)

On October 13th only, you will receive the mini session and 48 5x7 flat cards for $250. Additional sets of 24 cards will be available for $30. Normal price is $125 for the session with a $400 portrait commitment (and 48 cards retail for $205).

What’s the catch, you ask? Where there really isn’t a catch, per se. I am able to offer this special pricing on October 13th because individual sessions will be shorter than normal, the studio set up will remain unchanged all day, and card choices have been pre-designed.

The studio will be set up with the green seamless paper and little tree that you see here. The tree does not have to been included in the image if you do not wish to have it. If you don’t like green, we can shoot your images in black-and-white.

As many of you know, I pride myself in custom-designed cards and love working with you to come up with something totally fun and unique. In this same spirit, the cards available on Holiday Card Day have been custom designed specifically for the studio by either myself or my brother, who is an artist. The layout/design is fixed, but you may alter the font and verbiage as desired. See choices below.

There will be mini-sessions running all day, so on this day it is critical to be on time for your appointment. If you are late, I cannot guarantee that your session will be done because there will be families coming in right after you all day long.

Call now to reserve your timeslot!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneak Peek

Meet little Miss E. I have had the pleasure of photographing both her and her older sister since they were babies, and this week we did E's 2-year-session.

She was so coorperative that we were able to get some great posed portraits:


but then we decided to have a little fun too:


L & J, I hope this lollipop didn't trash your minivan on the ride home!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here's one for the Mommies

"Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!"

Except this one sure isn't the Wiggles fruit salad. I tried a new recipe recently that is too delicious not to share. It's Margarita Fruit Salad, and is a perfect side dish for a Mexican-themed cookout.

  • 3 T tequila
  • 3 T Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • 3 T orange marmalade
  • 2 T lime juice
  • 4 cups sliced strawberries
  • 4 oranges peeled, sectioned and cut in small pieces
  • 1 honeydew melon, rind and seeds removed, cut in small pieces
  • 1 cantaloupe, rind and seeds removed and cut in small pieces
Mix together the tequila, Triple Sec/Cointreau, orange marmalade, & lime juice. Add fruit and stir to combine. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight to allow flavors to blend.

Cheers, ladies!

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Jack-O-Lantern Smiles"

I had the pleasure of meeting these two brothers over the weekend. What a riot they were. And so handsome - you just know that these guys will be breaking the hearts of high school girls in a few years.

The younger brother had recently lost a tooth. I am pointing this out because I often get a call from a parent wanting to reschedule a session because their child just lost a tooth. I seriously love to photograph kids who just lost teeth! Those "jack-o-latern smiles" are so darn cute and if you think about it, those kids will never look that way again. What a perfect moment in time to document them, as it says so much about their age and what's happening in their lives at that time.


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A&A, thanks for playing along with my silliness. I hope the Tooth Fairy was good to you!