Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Honor of Burns Copeland

day 317 narrow crop

Today's blog post is in remembrance of Burns Copeland, whose funeral was this morning. Burns was the founder of the Chicagoland Professional Photographers Association (CPPA) and was 92 when he died. I got to know Burns when I was one of the first women to serve on the CPPA Board of Directors in 2005. I didn't know I was indirectly linked to him before that, but learned that he shot my father's military photos in the 60's. I used to jokingly call Burns "Yoda" because of his age and his wisdom about photography and the industry. I actually gave him a little Yoda figure like this, and he thought it was hilarious. Being in his 90's eventually caught up to Burns, and he had not been too active at CPPA for the past couple of years. I just want to send my sympathies to his family and tell them that he will be missed.

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