Monday, October 20, 2008

What do a 20-month-old boy and the Canadian Rockies have in common?

Little G has amazing eyes. Several years ago my husband and I took a roadtrip along the Icefields Parkway thru the Canadian Rockies. There is a glacier-fed lake in Banff called Peyto Lake, and it is seriously the prettiest blue lake I have ever seen. Normally you don't think of a frozen ice lake as gorgeous and blue, you think about the ocean in some exotic vacation spot in the Carribean. But Peyto Lake is unbelievable, and I encourage you to Google it because you will see some amazing pictures. Why did I go off on this Peyto Lake tangent? Oh yeah, because I have worked with this little guy several times, and his eyes make me think of Peyto Lake every time I see him.


And his mom could moonlight as a children's clothing buyer for portrait sessions because she always brings in the cutest stuff for him to wear. His dad is a retired firefighter, so these PJ's are not only hilarious but also totally appropriate.


This last image of the sneak peak is sort of a step outside the box for me. Toward the end of the session when little G was losing patience with me and my camera, we let him sit on a Thomas the Tank Engine riding toy. Obviously he did not sit still, but rather rode all over the studio. There are several snaps from that time that were out of focus (because he was driving too fast) or not properly exposed (because he drove away from the lights). I almost tossed this last image because of the split lighting on his face. But then I decided to play around with it a bit, and here is what I came up with. His serious expression, the edgy lighting, the grain - it's not my usual style but I think this is kinda cool!


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BonnieC said...

What a gorgeous little boy!! Wow, amazing eyes. ROFL at those PJs, lol.