Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kids As Art

Introducing KIDS AS ART, by Jessica Gwozdz Photography!

Kids As Art

I once read an article in a parenting magazine about how having photos around of your children boosts their self esteem and self-worth. If displaying portraits has a positive impact on a child's self esteem, then imagine what making their photos the focal point of a room can do. This concept was the catalyst for the "Kids as Art" concept.

In honor of the launch of this campaign, I am offering a 15% discount on 16x20 or larger signature wall art (framed prints, canvas gallery wraps, or gallery mounts) purchased thru Dec 31st. Ok, there is a catch with the discount. The catch is that you have to let me photograph your child with their art piece so that I can show the idea to other parents who are considering similar art pieces.

So c'mon .. Let's get images of those gorgeous kids on the walls!


Patti Margarita said...

This is such a great idea Jessica! Love the concept and positive feelings for our kids.

Traci said...

i completely agree w/this jes!
i must of read the same article :)

Sharon Gartrell Photography Fort Worth said...

This is a tremendous idea!

Traci Branscum Photography said...

Fabulous idea Jes! Love the whole concept. :)

Julie said...

This is such a great idea..I love this!!

Lauren Casaccio said...

Fantastic idea!