Monday, August 4, 2008

"Jack-O-Lantern Smiles"

I had the pleasure of meeting these two brothers over the weekend. What a riot they were. And so handsome - you just know that these guys will be breaking the hearts of high school girls in a few years.

The younger brother had recently lost a tooth. I am pointing this out because I often get a call from a parent wanting to reschedule a session because their child just lost a tooth. I seriously love to photograph kids who just lost teeth! Those "jack-o-latern smiles" are so darn cute and if you think about it, those kids will never look that way again. What a perfect moment in time to document them, as it says so much about their age and what's happening in their lives at that time.


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A&A, thanks for playing along with my silliness. I hope the Tooth Fairy was good to you!

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