Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicago Sky WNBA Game

I need to shout out a big THANK YOU to my client and friend Ann who works for the Chicago Sky and gave my daughter and I VIP tickets to tonight’s game. We had so much fun at the game, and the special seats in the Skyline Club were simply awesome. We were on an elevated platform behind the basket with an unlimited supply of delicious food and drink.

Besides all of the fun, I saw this evening as an empowerment opportunity for my daughter. The WNBA games are not broadcast as widely as the NBA games, so I am glad that my daughter had a chance to see these incredible female professional athletes in action.

Thanks so much, Ann!

Here are a few snaps from tonight. (Gotta love the little point-and-shoot for times like this!)

At the game

The view from our table in the Skyline Club:

Skyline Club

The Sky Guy:



Hayley said...

Looks like fun!!!! :)


bekahbex said...

I was just going to type what Hayley said... Now I have to come up with something more back when I do. ;)

Alissa (faithfulmommy) said...

Hey Jes! Your blog looks great. Thanks for making it easy for people like me (who are not on blogger) to comment on your blog!