Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sacci Design Faux "Backdrops"

I have been asking myself for awhile why I decided to paint the studio walls white. I guess I was thinking about reflected light and technical things of that nature. After seeing some of the very cool things Lauren from Sacci Design has come up with for the faux finishing side of her business, I decided to consult with her about the studio walls. I wanted something that could be used as backdrops, and I am thrilled with what Lauren came up with.

Here she is, hard at work:

Studio Walls, In Process

Venetian Plaster Wall, in Process

I got my little guy to pose for me today in front of the new walls. He's such a ham, and also such a typical boy. It's hard to take a shot of him without some sort of scratch or bruise on his face.

Green Wall Sample

Orange Wall Sample

This was such a fun project. Now I really want to just paint the whole studio, not just my shooting walls!

If you need a little makeover for your home, office, or studio, I highly recommend Sacci Design. I am really excited about these new walls and can't wait to test them out during some upcoming sessions.

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TracyTPhotography said...

WOW Thats awesome. I'm jealous! :)