Monday, February 23, 2009

Hats, Hats, Hats!

I had an opportunity to shoot some new hats from Charbridge Knits. Bridget from Charbridge is great to work with, and the quality and workmanship of her products is just amazing. I highly recommend Charbridge!

Little N was the a perfect model for some of these new hats.

Monster Hat

Purple Hat

Purple Hat

Brown & Pink Flower Hat

Brown & Pink Flower Hat

The spider hat is perfect for my son. I told Bridget I wanted something for myself. I must have a freakishly large head for a woman since I have a very hard time finding hats that fit me. LOL! I ordered an adult size version of this spider hat, and need to do a picture of my son and I together in our spider hats. Stay tuned for that!

Spider Hat


Tracy Joy Inc said...

how DARLING! And LOVe the bamboo backdrop :) hehe

TracyTPhotography said...

HOW CUTE! You did a great job. I think I was looking at her page on etsy the other day. She has a spongebob hat I neeeeed to get my son! He'd love it!

Breanna Morman said...

These are all ADORABLE!!! :)

Laura said...

Wow, you really made me wish I needed hats! These are adorable!! And the sweet little girl isn't too bad either ;)